Continuous Improvement Reliability Studies



Review Plant Rotating Equipment Maintenance, Spare Part Condition and Procedures then list Observations and Recommendations for Continuous Improvement.


A. Data Input

• Work Description - Reliability Unit
• "Bad Actor List" case summary and case histories
• Repair and Spare Part Procedures

B. Review Data and Forward Audit Forms

(Based on Data in "A") F.A.I. will submit questionnaires to the following groups:
•Maintenance and Reliability Group Questionnaire
•Operations Group Questionnaire

C. Review Completed Reliability Forms and Forward Site Study Activity Agenda to Client

Upon receipt of the completed Reliability Questionnaire, we will forward a Site Activity Agenda to the plant, which will define specific groups to be visited and times

D. Visit Plant to Perform Site Study as Follows:
• "Walk" each selected Process Unit
• Interview appropriate groups
• Present findings summary to Management

It is recommended that the plant establish study task force consisting of Reliability, Technical Mechanical, Technical Process, Operations and Maintenance personnel.

E. Issue Formal Report No Later Than Two (2) Weeks After Site Visit

Report will contain the following data as a minimum:
•Conclusion Summary
•Detailed Findings and Recommendations for Continuous Improvement (each affected item)
•Supporting Information (completed study forms)

The following Process Units are proposed for the study:
A. Crude Unit
B. Continuous Cyclic Reformer (CCR)


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