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Objective and Ground Rules

     Welcome to our frequently asked question section. Why the need for this feature? I have personally seen Turbomachinery Reliability issues come full circle in my 40 enjoyable years in the industry.

     In the 60s as a Vendor, we experienced numerous vibration and performance related problems because a detailed technical knowledge base was not available.

     Through the 70s and 80s as an End User, we eliminated many of these problems and established a sound industry knowledge base thanks to the continued effort by the Vendors, Contractors and End Users, and dedicated industry groups - ANSI, API, EPRI, and NEMA.

     Why then are we again experiencing the same problems that we saw in the 60s? In the 90s we seemed to have misplaced our knowledge base! Oh, it's still available, but we have put it second to so-called "Cost Effectiveness." Don't misunderstand; cost effectiveness is great...if it considers the objectives of an entire company, not those of a specific project. In the 90s as an industry consultant, I devoted a lot of time to Rotor Response and Performance Problems. Why? It is my opinion that we can't answer the simple questions asked by a management staff that today typically has a financial background and does not possess the knowledge base established in the 70s and 80s. These questions are: "Why do you want this feature that is going to require a significant pre-investment?" "How will this action increase our profits?" Incidentally, "Our" is a very important word here, not "My" or "Your." After all, the Turbomachinery specialists and their managers are a team that have the same objective: to optimize profits.

     It is therefore the objective of F.A.Q.'s to  present the answers to important, profit-centered questions that can state, in clear, practical terms, why we recommend certain actions. It is our belief that "Turbomachinery F.A.Q.'s" will provide support to Turbomachinery recommendations, whether the concerned groups are Vendors, Contractors or End Users.

     Now for the ground rules:

Use our contact sheet and note your question is for the FAQ section.
We encourage questions from all Industry Groups, Vendors, Contractors and End Users.
We will present all answers in short, practical terms so that they can be easily understood and immediately implemented.


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