Site Reliability Workshops


We have continuously discovered that the "Root Cause" of Field Reliability problems is ------. The lack of awareness of Rotating Equipment Component Function among Site Operations, Maintenance & Engineering Personnel.

    F.A.I.  (Forsthoffer Associates Inc.), since 1990, has presented Site Reliability Awareness Workshops to over 100 clients globally. During this time, we have taught over 10,000 Operators, Machinists & Engineers the function of all major Rotating Equipment Components and how to effectively & practically monitor these components for a cost-effective Site Predictive Maintenance Program.

     All of our Site Reliability Awareness Workshops are custom designed to meet our clients' specific learning objectives. Using our database of over 175 "Desktop Publishing" learning modules, we assemble a workshop manual that contains site specific exercises, drawings and site visits to assure all learned principles can be immediately implemented.  Beginning in 2009, all of our Workshops will have two (2) instructors to provide the best practical information and recommendations that can be rapidly implemented at your site.

     As of 2016, we have decided to eliminate the clunky hard cover books and supplementary manuals! For all courses, we will provide a link to our clients where they purchase and download the PDF version of our text at a significant discount. All other supplementary text and site-specific documents will be sent by us to our clients in PDF format. We have found that clients prefer this rather than having multiple large hard copies. This also allows us to significantly reduce the cost of each workshop for a cost savings to our client when compared to pre-2016. A formal workshop report and certificates for each attendee will be provided no later than 2 weeks after completion of the workshop. The Workshop Report contains workshop attendee Evaluation Results, Instructor Observations concerning each principle presented and extremely Valuable Recommendations for Continuous Improvement. The recommendations formulated during the workshop, provide valuable cost-effective recommendations than can be immediately implemented to solve expensive "Bad Actor" reliability issues.

Typical costs for our site-specific training workshops (not including airfare, text, and expenses) are as follows:

5 Day - $40,000 USDNET
4 Day - $35,000 USDNET
3 Day - $30,000 USDNET

Please contact us to request a workshop detailed description to meet your specific training requirements. We will be happy to supply an initial workshop description, modify it according to your comments and issue a proposal for your "Custom Designed Reliability Workshop."

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