Service Commitment


Confidentiality Commitment- Forsthoffer Associates conducts business with various global oil & gas, refining & petrochemical clients and recognizes the need to establish and maintain confidential business relationships even in situations where no formal confidentiality or secrecy agreement is in place. We recognize this importance not only in terms of specific technology, but in terms of business and market situations. Consequently client confidentiality is one of our top priorities.

A few facts about our confidentiality policy are listed as follows:

•We encourage using and signing of confidentiality agreements.
•At the onset of and the completion of any work on a contract, employees and contractors will be advised of our general confidentiality requirements as well as any specific requirements pertaining to the particular contract.
•Any verbal discussions or written documentation relating to our work experiences and successes will be done in non-specific generic terms. Specific locations and client names will not be divulged.
•Prior to using any specific client project experience we will make a written request for specific approval.

Value Commitment- The goal of Forsthoffer Associates is to make a major positive difference and contribution to our clients’ Rotating Equipment Safety & Reliability. We recognize that a modern, quick response, highly efficient consulting organization is essential for today's client.

A few facts about our value commitment are listed as follows:
•We will always assign our best matched expert(s) to a specific project so as to maximize value for our client.
•We will, when necessary, use a team approach to a given project so as to maximize knowledge and ensure the best recommendations possible.
•Our recommendations will always be based on the greatest return for our client considering both long and short term conditions and goals.
•All recommendations will be cost effective that require the least amount of resources for rapid implementation.

Quality Commitment- Forsthoffer Associates Inc. assures that our work is of top quality, being performed by the leading experts in the industry so that we can meet the exact contractual commitments of our clients.
A few facts about our quality commitment are listed as follows:
•Documentation of our studies and recommendations will always be done on a consistent standardized basis.
•Consultants assigned to projects will be uniquely experienced for the task involved.
•Database information will constantly be kept updated to ensure the latest most current information provided to a client.
•We provide prompt timely reports and updates on all work performed.


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